Get More Leads With Facebook Ads Using Your Lead Magnet

April 18, 2020

Want to get leads from Facebook Ads with your lead magnet?

There are a few key resources you’ll need.

You’ll need some kind of signup form.

This can be on a landing page, using one of Facebook’s internal forms or even with a Messenger bot.

You’ll then want to link the form up to an email sequence to deliver the free resource that you offered.

On your Thank You page after they sign up, you can have a video sales letter (VSL) that thanks them for signing up and invites them to book an appointment or buy your first product.

Then, your email or Messenger bot can follow up, delivering the free resource they signed up for and re-inviting them to a call with you.

Simple enough, right?

But how do you do this with Facebooks Ads?

You’ll want to create a few different ad images that have your title of your lead magnet on the image.

Ideally these are bright images that reflect where your ideal client is or where they want to be.

You’ll want to write an advertisement too.

This is a whole other topic but for freebies, one of the best ways to write an advertisement is by asking a relevant question, then inviting them to get your freebie as a response while listing three key benefits.


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Feel free to use that as a template for your own!

You’ll want to make sure you set up a conversion event for your campaign.

Make sure you have your Facebook Pixel installed. You’ll find lots of videos showing you how to.

Then, set up a custom conversion tracking your Thank You page and test some ads!

Make sure you pick the right targeting and use a few different images so you can find out which one works best.

Or, you could hire me to do all this with or for you :-)

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Enjoy your day :)


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